Education Through the Arts at Confederation Park Elementary

At Confederation Park Elementary, students and teachers interact with and through the arts. The award winning school is committed to delivering a rich and authentic arts-integrated curriculum where students explore themes, ideas and concepts through various creative processes and demonstrate learning in a variety of ways.

The daily sharing and presenting of student work provides students with opportunities to engage in the arts and develop skills in the competencies of communication, creative and critical thinking. Students also further develop their craft of music, art, drama and dance through regular weekly lessons in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

Student learning is celebrated and communicated with regular performances and showcases of their work both formal and informal. Through these sharing opportunities process is honoured and value is given to the learning that takes place through the course of the artistic connection. In addition, students and teachers participate in specialized projects where new skills are developed and enhanced through Artist-in-Residence programs. The school’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is invaluable and also has a significant role in all aspects of the school community.

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