Are you new to Canada with a valid Citizenship & Immigration Canada Work or Study Permit, or Refugee Claimant Document? To begin the eligibility process to register non-fee paying international students, you must book an appointment.


Just moved to Burnaby and wish to register your child into a public school for the upcoming school year? Find out what school your child should attend by using the School Locator, then call the school during the last week of August for registration information.

For further registration enquiries, email:

Registration Procedures and Required Documentation

Under the British Columbia School Act, an educational program will be provided for every school-aged student who is ordinarily a resident in Burnaby. Additionally, the Board of Education has established policy that allows for students who meet the district’s admission eligibility regulation and who reside outside of Burnaby or who are temporarily a resident in Burnaby, the opportunity to attend a Burnaby public school. To establish enrolment eligibility, every student seeking admission to a Burnaby school is required to provide documentation establishing residency, guardianship, age and citizenship.

Students register at the school within the designated attendance area where the student ordinarily resides or make application to attend another school or educational program within the district. (see student transfers below) The School Locator can help you determine the attendance area your address is associated with.

There are a number of factors and priorities that determine a student’s placement in a Burnaby school.

Additional ranking criteria will be used to determine admission if space in a desired school or district program is limited.


Click on the registration information specific to your child:
Kindergarten students
Students going into grade 8

Students new to district
Student transfers – cross-district and out-of-district
Newcomers to Canada
International students
Residents with uncertain or no immigration status


To apply to a District Language Program, students must first register at their local attendance area school (regardless of whether they offer French Immersion, Mandarin Language Arts or not). Residents of other school districts may apply to a Burnaby Program but should make provisions with their local school also.

Early French Immersion is a language program option for students entering kindergarten or grade 1.

Late French Immersion is an option for students entering grade 6.

Mandarin Language Arts is a language program option offered at Forest Grove Elementary for students entering kindergarten through to grade 7.

In-catchment students are given priority in the application process. See the catchment maps to find your French Immersion catchment school.

Early French Immersion Map
Late French Immersion Map

Mandarin Language Arts
All Burnaby residents are considered ‘in catchment’ for the Mandarin Language Arts Program.

Learn more about placement priority for District Language Programs.

Applications can be made in the month of February through the District Language Program online form by clicking on the link below. Applications received after February will be considered late and prioritized after all on-time applications.

Elementary Language Program Online Application

Families will be notified of successful applications in March and must confirm their place within 24 hours.

Secondary French Immersion is a continuation of the Early and Late French Immersion programs. Students attending a Burnaby Elementary French Immersion program are transitioned to their secondary catchment school based on their home address. Students in a French Immersion program wishing to attend an alternative secondary program, students coming from a non-Burnaby elementary school and non-Burnaby residents must complete a Secondary French Immersion Application Form. Application forms are also available at any Burnaby School. Forms must be returned before the end of February to be considered on-time.

Secondary French Immersion Map


Learn more about elementary & secondary Programs of Choice. Speak to a Career Advisor, Counsellor, or Secondary Principal for more information and to apply.

Read our feature about secondary program options.

Updated January 2020