SFU Soccer Academy

In partnership with Simon Fraser University, this program offers high performance soccer training in a University environment. The emphasis is to develop the complete student-athlete, with focus on both the athletic and academic development of each participant. The SFU Soccer Clinic sessions will consist of on-field technical development, complemented by speed, strength and power training sessions, as well as classroom instruction in areas of nutrition, sport psychology and other areas related to the science of sport and training as applied to the game of soccer.

This unique partnership with a post-secondary institution provides access to a high performance training environment, including the facilities (three gymnasiums, swimming pool, climbing wall, fitness centre).

The SFU Soccer Clinic sessions begin in Semester 2 during the TWO morning blocks and will run every day until the end of the school year. Students will be expected to meet at SFU by 8:45am each day and will be dismissed from SFU at approximately 11:00am.

This is an option for any district student in Grades 8-12 with academic requirements met at their home school. Students receive credit for PE and a sport specific course.

Fee: Participants would pay a deposit on registration to Simon Fraser University of $400 with the remainder of the fee due in one lump payment of $1,950 ($2,350 less deposit) or monthly payment option of $195 ($2,350 less deposit of $400) payable on the 15th of each month August to May. The clinic consists of 85-90 sessions per year, which averages to approximately $26 per session.

Updated January 2022

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