French Immersion

Any child residing in Burnaby may apply to enter the French Immersion program. French immersion provides an opportunity for children whose first language is not French to learn a second language. Other benefits include:

  • Learning another language in elementary school makes it easier to learn additional languages in the future.
  • Students graduating from a French Immersion program receive a bilingual designation on their secondary school diploma, which can enhance their employment and post-secondary learning opportunities.
  • French Immersion students follow the regular English curriculum in structure and content, receiving instruction in French.

Facts About the District’s French Immersion Program

  • Learning outcomes are the same in both English and French.
  • Graduates of the program achieve a functional level in speaking French.
  • Students are encouraged to develop an understanding and appreciation of French culture.
  • Students can enter the French Immersion program in kindergarten (Early Immersion)
  • or grade 6 (Late Immersion)
  • All French Immersion schools in Burnaby are dual track schools which offer both a French Immersion and an English program.

Agreement with France creates opportunities for students in Burnaby Schools: Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary for my child to know some French before enrolling?

No. Students are not required to have any background in French prior to entering either the Early or Late French Immersion program.

  • Does it matter if no one at home speaks French?

No. The program is designed for non French-speaking families. All formal communication to parents, including report cards, is provided in English.

  • Will my child read and write in English and French?

Pre-reading exercises in Kindergarten are in French. Reading and writing in French begins in Grade 1. Formal instruction in English Language Arts begins in Grade 4.

  • Are there resources available if my child encounters difficulty in the program?

If teachers and parents are concerned about a child’s progress, support will be available in the French Immersion program.

  • Will my child learn the same things as students in English classes?

Yes. The curriculum must follow the guidelines of the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students work toward the same academic goals regardless of the language of instruction.

  • How can I help my child with homework if I don’t speak French?

You may not be able to help with specific content, but you can still provide guidance and support.

Registration & Catchment Boundaries

Application into the French Immersion program is required. Registration takes place in February.

Feel free to visit or call the French Immersion school that serves the area where you live. However, your application to the French Immersion Program should be submitted to your designated school or the school your child is currently attending.

Early Immersion District Map (Elem)
Late Immersion District Map (Elem)
Secondary Immersion District Map

Application information

Applications can be made in the month of February through the District Language Program online form by clicking on the link below. Applications received after February will be considered late and prioritized after all on-time applications.

District Language Program Online Application