Facility Rentals of Burnaby school facilities, except licensed childcare have been cancelled until August 31, 2021 inclusive.
Refunds will be provided.
We’re currently not accepting rental applications until further notice. Please check our website again for further updates.

We are not accepting rental applications until further notice for all of our facilities. This includes but is not limited to indoor locations such as gyms, classrooms and libraries, as well as outdoor locations such as fields and parking lots.


Burnaby School District offers flexible recreation and meeting spaces at schools in your community. We offer a wide range of facilities which include:




Multipurpose Rooms

Science labs, Foods, Wrestling, Dance Studio, Meeting, Student Commons and more


Parking Lots

Schools are not available for private functions (ie birthday parties, weddings) and we do not permit any hockey, roller skating or baseball.

School District facilities are generally available between 5:00pm-10:00pm from Monday to Friday. Facilities are also available to rent on the weekend, however, additional custodial service charge applies to provide opening and closing, security and custodial service.