Resolving Concerns, Complaints and Issues

Common Areas Brought Forward – School and District Level

  • Personnel Issues
  • Programs, Resources, Student Reporting
  • School and District Policy and Procedures
  • Student Discipline

Guiding Principles

  • Every effort should be made to resolve concerns at earliest stage possible
  • Consultation should occur in a fair and judicious manner
  • Mutual respect and courteous communication should occur
  • Attempts to resolve concerns should occur in a timely manner

The Process

  1. Consultation with employee who made the decision in question or who is most closely connected with the issue or concern (parent to teacher).
  2. Consultation with the employee’s immediate supervisor who will attempt to facilitate a resolution (parent to principal).
  3. Consultation with member of district administrative staff who will participate in order to assist in achieving a resolution (parent to Director of Instruction and/or Assistant Superintendent).
  4. Communication to the Superintendent’s office through to the Board of Education. Parent may submit in writing a request for appeal to the Board of Education.