Out-of-District Transfer

Students seeking to attend a Burnaby school whose parents reside outside of the City of Burnaby’s boundaries must submit an Out-of-District Transfer Application. Out-of-district applications must be submitted to the requested school during the month of February of the upcoming school year.

  1. Siblings of continuing students in the school, including those in or accepted to district programs, whose residence falls outside the school’s attendance area
  2. Students who are registered in and attending before and/or after-school childcare at a licensed childcare facility within an elementary school’s attendance area
  3. Grade 7 students, who attended an elementary school in their attendance area, which straddles the attendance area of TWO secondary schools, will be given priority for grade 8 enrolment in one of those two secondary schools
  4. Students not included in 3 above whose residence falls within the attendance areas of other Burnaby schools (cross-district transfers)
  5. Students whose residence falls outside the Burnaby School District (out-of-district transfers)

In the event of more applicants than program spaces available, applications received within the district’s established registration timelines will be grouped by priority category. Within these categories a lottery method will then be used to determine the order of applicants. See policy 5.05 (section A 5.4) for full details.

Applications received after the district deadlines will be prioritized by application date. Sibling applications that do not meet the district deadlines will be placed after existing on-time sibling applications on the waitlist.