Temporary Residents

Temporary Residents Living in BC REGISTRATION INFORMATION

Parents/legal guardians and children must be residing in Burnaby at the time of registration. Schools are unable to register students until the family is living in Burnaby. If you are currently out of the country, please wait until returning to Burnaby before registering.

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding temporary foreign workers and study permit holders please click here.

To complete an online preliminary registration please click here

 The following documents will be required to register:

  • Passports of Parent and Student
  • Parent Proof of Residence. Documentation must include two items, one from each category:

Category A – Proof of ownership of dwelling or long-term lease or rental of dwelling.

Category B – Items include; BC hydro bill, BC cable bill, internet bill, letter from a local Canadian bank, provincial driver’s license, provincial registration of automobile.

  • Parents’ or guardians’ as shown on birth certificate or family relationship document showing the relationship between the student and the parent who holds the work/study permit or guardianship order granted by the courts.

Plus choose one of following permits and supporting documents (A, B, or C)

A. For Study Permit:

  • Parent’s Government Study Permit (must be valid for at least 1 year)
  • School document showing enrolment in a degree program at a private university/college or in a diploma or degree program at a public university/college
  • Student’s Government Permit: Study Permit or Visitor Record or Travel Visa Study Permits: A parent’s Study Permit must be valid for 1 year or longer (date of issue – date of expiry) and the parent must be enrolled in one of:
  1. a degree or diploma program at an EQA-designated public post-secondary institution
  2. a degree program at an EQA-designated private post-secondary institution
  3. a maximum 1-year ESL program at an EQA-designated institution and accepted into one of the above options.

B. For Work Permit:

  • Parent’s Government Work Permit must be valid for at least 1 year or longer (date of issue – date of expiry) and you must be working 20 hours per week or more
  • Signed and dated letter of employment on company letterhead stating – position, start date, and number of hours worked per week
  • Paystub: Most recent paystub – Showing minimum of 20 hours work per week
  • Student’s Government Permit: Study Permit or Visitor Record or Travel Visa

C. Refugee Claimant:

  • Refugee protection claimant document or Citizenship & Immigration Canada Refugee protection Medical Certificate for the parent(s) and student(s)

Additional Information:

In some circumstances schools may require additional documentation. Parents will be contacted if this is the case.

Please note that it’s not the Burnaby School District’s practice to share student or parent information with federal immigration authorities, unless there’s a specific case where the District may be required to do so by law.