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SD41 Teachers @ BC Hydro Sustainability Seminar

On May 17th, 50 elementary teachers from across Burnaby attended BC Hydro workshops at Burnaby Central Secondary. Free materials and in-service was provided for the following:

These programs are designed to provide participating teachers with knowledge and resources specific to the various grade levels that they teach. Participation in the seminars is voluntary and BC Hydro covers the cost of a TOC so teachers can be available to attend.

Energy Explorers – Kindergarten

  • An introduction for young children to concepts in energy conservation and caring for the earth
  • Materials that were given to the participating teachers for use in the classroom included: Educator resource guide, Student handbooks, a puppet (it is kindergarten!), Posters and more

Energy Detectives – Grades 1 to 3

  • Students become detectives and explore energy use around their schools
  • Materials include: Teacher resource guide, Storybook, Student handbooks, Classroom posters and Game cards

Energy Connections – Grade 6

  • Electricity unit which introduces students on simple electrical theory and how circuits work
  • Materials include: Teacher resource guide, class electricity kit, Student handbook, Posters and DVD

Energy Campaigns – Grades 4-7

  • Hope for participation in the 2012/2013 school year

Energy Ambassadors – Grades 8-12

  • Student teams identify areas for conservation and sustainable actions, and lead real change in both their own school and neighbourhood elementary schools