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We Mean Green: The Plan

The Burnaby School District has its first-ever Sustainability Strategic Plan. It sets out goals, objectives, and actions to mobilize our efforts to:

  • increase our climate action response, and
  • further empower youth in the District to be the leaders of today and tomorrow in sustainability.

The plan was passed at the February meeting of the Burnaby Board of Education.

Jen Mezei is the Chair:

This plan builds on the work already happening in the District and the leadership of so many, including youth in our schools. While no single organization can change the planet, when we set specific goals, together as a community our actions have the power to make a genuine impact.”

The Sustainability Strategic Plan reflects input from the entire Burnaby Schools community through an extensive engagement process that began in early 2020.

The plan includes specific actions supporting student learning and connection to the environment, as well as Indigenous Knowledge as the foundation to understanding and leading sustainable practices, and reducing the District’s environmental impact in energy, paper, waste and procurement.

Learn more and read the plan here.

This work flows from the broader Burnaby Board of Education Strategic Plan, which includes the goal of increasing awareness of climate change and decreasing the District’s environmental impact.

Read more about the sustainability and environmental awareness work happening in Burnaby Schools.



Posted February 2022