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Three New Accessible Playgrounds for Burnaby Schools

Three Burnaby schools – Sperling Elementary, Maywood and Second Street Community Schools – are celebrating the installation of brand new playgrounds, complete with accessible features.

The schools and their communities will enjoy these playgrounds for years to come, thanks to three provincial government grants totalling almost $300,000. By covering the costs of installation, the District also enabled the full amounts of the Playground Equipment Program Grants to be used solely on equipment. Additional contributions came from our school communities, and Parent Advisory and Community Councils.

Laura Ward, Chair, Burnaby District Parent Advisory Council:

As a parent I’m likely as excited as the children in the three neighbourhoods across Burnaby are to see these playgrounds open. What some may view as just a playground is what I view as a safe place for the community to gather outdoors.”

The District’s facilities crews worked tirelessly to install all three playgrounds. Some features include ramps and other adaptive equipment creating spaces that appeal to everyone – keeping all of our students in mind.

Jen Mezei, Vice-Chair, Burnaby Board of Education:

A child’s access to a safe playground should not be dependent on ability or disability… We are pleased to contribute to creating a society in which all children can play, grow, and learn in safe and stimulating environments.”

Equity, access and inclusion are an integral part of the District’s values.

Posted November 2019