Temporary Residents

Temporary Residents Living in BC REGISTRATION INFORMATION

To complete an online preliminary registration please click here

 The following documents will be required to register:

  • Passports of Parent and Student
  • Parent Proof of Residence. Documentation must include two items, at least one being from:

Category A (proof of ownership of dwelling or long-term lease or rental of dwelling; legal documents indicating BC residence).

Category B items include; BC hydro bill, BC cable bill, internet bill, letter from a local Canadian bank, provincial driver’s license, provincial registration of automobile,

  • Parents’ or guardians’ as shown on birth certificate or family relationship document showing the relationship between the student and the parent who holds the work/study permit or guardianship order granted by the courts.

Plus choose one of following permits and supporting documents (A, B, or C)

A. For Study Permit:

  • Parent’s Government Study Permit (must be valid for at least 1 year)
  • School document showing enrolment in a degree program at a private university/college or in a diploma or degree program at a public university/college
  • Student’s Government Permit: Study Permit or Visitor Record or Travel Visa Study Permits: A parent’s Study Permit must be valid for 1 year or longer (date of issue – date of expiry) and the parent must be enrolled in one of:
  1. a degree or diploma program at an EQA-designated public post-secondary institution
  2. a degree program at an EQA-designated private post-secondary institution
  3. a maximum 1-year ESL program at an EQA-designated institution and accepted into one of the above options.

B. For Work Permit:

  • Parent’s Government Work Permit must be valid for at least 1 year or longer (date of issue – date of expiry) and you must be working 20 hours per week or more
  • Signed and dated letter of employment on company letterhead stating – position, start date, and number of hours worked per week
  • Paystub: Most recent paystub – Showing minimum of 20 hours work per week
  • Student’s Government Permit: Study Permit or Visitor Record or Travel Visa

C. For Refugee or Refugee Claimant:

  • Refugee protection claimant document or Citizenship & Immigration Canada Refugee protection Medical Certificate for the parent(s) and student(s)

Additional Information:

In some circumstances schools may require additional documentation. Parents will be contacted if this is the case.