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Supporting Students and Families with Food Security

Together with our partners, we’re working to provide support with food for students and families who need it.

Over the course of the pandemic, food insecurity has become a reality for many families, as COVID-19 has impacted people’s livelihoods and sources of support. Building on our earlier efforts, with the help of partners, we continue to provide meals and snacks for hundreds of students while connecting families with emergency needs through referrals to Burnaby food hubs.

Sheri Brattston, Managing Director of Community Education:

Principals, teachers, and other staff have been working together to identify those in need. This includes students who are in school buildings and those who are learning remotely during the pandemic. Collectively with our partners, we’re then able to ensure families are connected with valuable supports to help them in this difficult time.”  

We are also grateful to community partners United Way of the Lower Mainland, Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Burnaby Firefighters Local 323, Supporting Burnaby Youth Society, Burnaby Children’s Fund, Re-food, and other local groups and businesses who donate food, gift cards and/or funds to our schools for distribution to families.

Over the summer months, the District was proud to provide Byrne Creek Community School as a site for one of Burnaby’s six food hubs. Community School Coordinators volunteered their time to help run it, with others lending a hand. A true community partnership, it served approximately 200 families from the secondary school, and elementary schools in the area.

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Posted November 2020