Supporting Families with Access to Technology

When in-class instruction was suspended in March, it became clear that remote learning would become a key part of continuing students’ education, yet not all families have access to the needed technology.

Since the end of Spring Break, Principals, teachers and other school staff have been connecting with students and families. They have been instrumental in gathering information to get a sense of the need, which has informed development of a district plan.

Assistant Superintendent Roberto Bombelli:

We are working to close that gap to ensure that all students in the Burnaby School District can continue their learning at home.”

The District is working directly with schools and approaching the tech-distribution plan in phases. On April 14 we began “phase 1” distributing 700 laptops throughout the District. Principals have been arranging for both elementary and secondary students to receive the loaned devices. In “phase 2,” beginning the week of April 20, an additional 170 will be distributed. We are anticipating continued demand and will work to provide further support.

We’re grateful for the support of Telus, which has provided the District with hundreds of codes for free internet.

Assistant Superintendent Roberto Bombelli:

“We are distributing those codes from Telus to households with students who need it. Once they have the code, families connect directly with Telus to get internet access set up.”

Additionally, the District has established a helpdesk for families who need assistance connecting the device to the internet.

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Posted April 17, 2020