Summer Session

We are excited to offer outstanding summer programming for Burnaby Schools students and students from neighbouring districts. With more than 8000 students typically attending, we’ve worked hard to provide amazing learning opportunities for all.

Pre-approval: Pre-approval is required for any students currently attending Grade 12 in a Burnaby public school and all non-Burnaby elementary and secondary students. Pre-Approval begins Monday, April 1st.

Secondary Registration: Secondary Registration is NOW OPEN.. Please see Steps 1-4 below for more information.

Elementary Registration: Elementary Registration is NOW OPEN. Please see Steps 1-4 below for more information.

Update: New courses are available at a number of Elementary sites! Registration for the new courses begins at 3:00pm today!
SchoolCourse #Course Name
Capitol HillP011 – Time: PMWonders of Digital Photography – Going into Grades 2-4
Chaffey-BurkeF640 – Time: AMAdventures in Reading – Going into Grades 2-4
MorleyO610 – Time: AMExploring Writing – Primary
SperlingG750 – Time: AMExploration – Intermediate
ClintonL750Intermediate Explorations
EdmondsE800Get Ready for Grade 1 – FULL
KitchenerK679Robotics and Design – FULL
MarlboroughM800Get Ready for Grade 1
MarlboroughM640Adventures in Reading – FULL
MaywoodY670Intermediate Science
Taylor ParkR679Fibre Arts & Design – FULL
Taylor ParkR675Robotics & Design – FULL
Taylor ParkR920Primary Art – Media
Taylor ParkR007Visual Arts – FULL
Taylor ParkR006Rube Goldberg Machines

STEP 1: Review Our Summer Session Course Offerings

Have a Look Through Our Brochures

STEP 2: Obtain Your Personal Education Number

Personal Education Numbers can be retrieved from your current school in BC and are often included on your child’s report card. If you are not a BC student, please contact the summer session office at 604.296.6902

STEP 3: Pre-Approval

  • Students currently attending Grade 12 in a Burnaby public school AND,
  • All Students who do not attend a Burnaby public school during regular session

You will need to know your child’s Personal Education Number (PEN) and upload a number of documents during this process. Once you have your documents scanned (or in an image format), you can proceed with the pre-approval process.


  • Proof of student’s birthdate (birth certificate or passport)
  • Proof of guardianship (parents’ or guardians’ as shown on birth certificate or other appropriate legal documentation such and landed immigrant paper or guardianship order granted by the courts)
  • Proof of citizenship for both the parent and the student (Canadian birth certificate, citizenship card, passport, landed immigrant document, permanent resident card)
  • Proof of residency of the parent or guardian and student – 2 required, with at least 1 from Category A
  • Category A: proof of ownership of dwelling or long-term lease or rental dwelling; legal document indicating BC resident; parent or guardian filing income tax returns as a BC resident
  • Category B: BC hydro bill, BC cable bill, Provincial driver’s licence, provincial registration of automobile, Canadian bank accounts or credit cards
  • Copy of student’s most recent school marks (report card or transcript of academic record)
  • BC Personal Education Number (PEN)

For Grade 12’s and Non-Burnaby School District Students Only
Pre-approval Form

STEP 4: Registration
Elementary registration dates:April 15 – June 30
Secondary registration dates:April 17 – June 27 (preview, regular and enrichment)
Secondary registration dates:April 17 – June 21 (advance credit)

Elementary Course Registration

Morning Course Registration
Afternoon Course Registration
Byte Camp Registration
Course Withdrawal

Secondary Course Registration

Morning Course Registration
Afternoon Course Registration
Course Withdrawal

Registration Verification

After registering for a course, you can use the Registration Verification Form to confirm which course(s) you have successfully registered for.