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Students Win Big at Skills Competitions

Burnaby Schools students were big winners at recent regional, provincial, national and international competitions in everything from drama to robotics. Scroll down to read about the many recent accomplishments of high school students.

Theatre Students Take Home Gold

The Moscrop Drama Department was awarded a Gold Honour Troupe Banner at a national drama festival. Grade 12 students Danica Norcott and Brody Williams also won scholarships at the Canadian National School Theatrical Arts Recognition STAR Festival. Thousands of drama students from schools across the country participate each year in the School Theatrical Arts Recognition Festivals or STAR Fests. The Moscrop students qualified for the national festival after their success at the regional level.

Students Medal at Provincial Skills Competition

After winning the gold medal in their categories, three students from Burnaby Schools have been invited to join Team BC and compete at the Skills Canada Nationals in Quebec City at the end of May. The following students medaled at the provincial Skills BC competition, which was an opportunity to showcase their trade and technology skills at the Olympic-style competition.

Category: IT Network Systems Administration
Masaru Suzuki (Grade 12), Moscrop Secondary, Gold

Szymon Zemojtel (Grade 12), Moscrop Secondary, Silver

Category: Autobody Repair
Connor De Vera-McGinn (Grade 12), Moscrop Secondary Gold

Category: Cooking
Sarah Taylor (Grade 12), Burnaby Central Secondary, Bronze

Category: Graphic Design
Melda (Joy) Nese Erdem (Grade 12), Byrne Creek Community School, Silver

Category: Public Speaking
Anita Nambuuza (Grade 12), Byrne Creek Community School, Gold

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Robotics Teams Climb High on World Stage

Students from Burnaby Schools made history for the District-wide Robotics (Mechatronics) program when they captured their first award at worlds. Three Alpha-based teams made it to the VEX Robotics World Championship held in Dallas, Texas, with one earning the coveted Division Design Award. Two other teams advanced to the playoffs in the world-wide competition, which included more than 800 teams from 50 countries.

Division Design Award
Team 502W: Aaron Lew (Grade 11), Aiden Tam (Grade 11), Armaan Sitlu (Grade 11), Racine Liu (Grade 11, Moscrop Secondary) and Travis Chow (Grade 12, Cariboo Hill Secondary)

Advanced to the Playoffs
Team 502X: David Dorland (Grade 12), Daniel Dorland (Grade 10), Akash Karthikeyan (Grade 12), Harvest Li (12), Alex da Palma (Grade 12) and Sebastian Iameo (Grade 12)

Team 502A: Arek Hong (Grade 10), Wellington Chan (Grade 11), Rehan Aslam (Grade 10) and Sidd Karthik (Grade 9)

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Science Students Shine at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair

Many students and their projects placed in their categories at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair held at the University of British Columbia. For more than four decades, selected students have been given the unique opportunity to showcase their work while interacting with peers and science professionals in a post-secondary setting. Congratulations to all the participants who were chosen to compete, and a special congratulations to the following students whose work earned awards.

Silver – Senior (Gr. 11/12)

Expanding Access to Live Performances Through Self-Playing Robotic Technology, Aiden Tam & Aaron Lew, Alpha Secondary

Bronze – Senior (Gr. 11/12)

A Molecular Investigation of Omega-3 versus Cooking Wine’s Effects on Fruit Flies’ DNA Size, Song Ha Nguyen, Burnaby Mountain Secondary

UBC Engineering Physics Award – Senior (Gr. 11/12)

Floating in Air: Acoustic Levitation, Andre Xue, Burnaby North Secondary

UBC Statistics Award and Honorable Mention – Senior (Gr. 11/12)

Magnetic Strips Are Everywhere: A Step Towards Solving The Problem Of Demagnetization, Liam Ferdinandez & Mackenzie Wang, Burnaby North Secondary

Honorable Mention – Senior (Gr. 11/12)

Natural Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils in Caulking to Combat Mold Growth, Sophie Tseng, Moscrop Secondary

Silver – Intermediate (Gr. 9/10)

Infrared Radiative Cooling, Stephanie Chu, Alpha Secondary

Bronze – Intermediate (Gr. 9/10)

Fruit-derived Treatments on Drought Stress Tolerance of Radish, Rina (Haerin) Kim, Burnaby North Secondary

SmartDrone: AI-Enhanced Safety and Autonomy Through Face Tracking, Nirmay Singh & Shaylen Bhushan, Burnaby North Secondary

Setting up Mars for Human inhabitation, Khafri Mau, Burnaby North Secondary

SCWIST (Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology) Award – Intermediate (Gr. 9/10)

Infrared Radiative Cooling, Stephanie Chu, Alpha Secondary

Honorable Mention – Intermediate (Gr. 9/10)

PiezoStep: A Novel Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Tile Powering Auxiliary Devices to Enable Automation, Advaith Iyer, Alpha Secondary

A Whiff of Relaxation, Tennesea-Angelina Lee, Alpha Secondary

Illuminating Motion, Genevieve Wang, Alpha Secondary

Silver – Junior (Gr. 7/8)

Easy Water Purifier, Gandhi Medidi, Cascade Heights Elementary

Bronze – Junior (Gr. 7/8)

FLARES System, Shalik Bhushan, Burnaby North Secondary

UBC Statistics Award – Junior (Gr. 7/8)

Pyro Defense, Justin Wong & Marcus Yeung, Alpha Secondary

Honorable Mention – Junior (Gr. 7/8)

Zero-Emission Air Conditioning, Noah Petersen, Alpha Secondary



Posted May 2024