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Students Recognized in “20 Under 20” List

Secondary and elementary students in the Burnaby School District are receiving recognition from a local news outlet for their leadership and contributions to the Burnaby community.

The Burnaby Beacon’s feature called “20 under 20” highlights amazing young people doing incredible things in Burnaby and includes the following students on its list:

Lindsay Hoffman, Burnaby Mountain Secondary
Sam Gao
, Moscrop Secondary
Liv Meerkerk
, Burnaby South Secondary
Kobe Louis, Moscrop Secondary
Scott Mallinson, Alpha Secondary
Linh Nguyen, Burnaby Central Secondary
Pages2Places, Burnaby Central Secondary
Yura Schlegel, Burnaby Mountain Secondary
Cole Sheehan-Klassen
, Burnaby Youth Hub
Lori Kullahian
, Burnaby North Secondary
Ryan Chiu
, Burnaby North Secondary
Keyaan Vegdani, Cariboo Hill Secondary
The Boomerang Club, Confederation Park Elementary
Lilah Williamson, Alpha Secondary
William Li, Burnaby North Secondary
Ervin Cadiz & Mehar Sahota, Byrne Creek Community School
Sarah Lennon, Burnaby Mountain Secondary
Joanne Ying, Moscrop Secondary 

See below to see photos and read more about the students in the full excerpts from the Burnaby Beacon.

See the Burnaby Beacon’s 20 Under 20 feature in its entirety here. Congratulations to all!

Updated November 2021