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Students Raise Awareness of Sustainability

High school students who are part of the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network (BYSN) led a three-part speaker series to raise awareness of environmental issues and how we can all live more sustainably.

The series for students, their families, district leaders, and staff, took place in April and May. It brought people together virtually to discuss what sustainability means, how leaders in sustainability are involved in the field, and how we can improve upon sustainability in our communities. Nearly 80 people joined the first online presentation, alone, which was held on the eve of Earth Day.

The series featured:

  • Maria Fadiman from National Geographic, who explored the relationship of people with plants.
  • Mary Hotomanie, an Indigenous Enhancement Teacher with the District, who spoke about sustainability from an Indigenous perspective alongside Nathaniel Frank-Piche, a Grade 12 Indigenous Youth from Moscrop Secondary.
  • BYSN Executives, who wrapped up the series with a look at sustainable diets.

The Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network is made of secondary students from across the District who share an interest in environmental issues and a passion for sustainability.

Learn About Sustainability in the District’s 2019-24 Strategic Plan


Posted May 2021