Students Create Illustrated Maps of their Pandemic World

Grade 9 and 10 students from Alpha Secondary created maps of their lives during the pandemic. In a visual art assignment, students were asked to explore how they have adjusted to this new way of life. The idea was for students to document this period, so that when routines go back to normal they will have a visual reminder of their generation’s experience.

Donna Clark, Visual Art Teacher gave students the following instructions:

Because of COVID-19, life has changed a lot for all of us! With not going to school and not being able to hang out with your friends, many of your daily routines are very different from before quarantine. For this project, we would like to see how your life has changed through the form of a map!” 

The results conveyed this and more, in a visually appealing medium. Each map showed the student’s neighbourhood, what they do in a day, places they like to relax, and any other ideas they wanted to include. Information and art came together to tell a story from a variety of perspectives.

Clark credits the idea for the project to inspiration from CityLab. See other maps from all over the world on their website.

Map by Maya

Map by Hana

Map by Sahar


Posted June 2020