1.      Official Transcripts

An Official Transcript is a listing of a students academic record relating to a BC Graduation Program, which includes grade 10-12 courses taken, grades earned (including provincial exams), and graduation status.

Transcripts and Certificates may be ordered directly from the BC Ministry of Education if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • graduated after 1985 in B.C., or;
  • attended Grade 12 between 1986 and today, or;
  • you completed a Grade 12 course after 1985 then

If you graduated in 1985 or earlier the school district will provide these transcripts upon completion of a Records Request Form. Please send completed request forms to Central Storage or call 604-296-6915 Ext. 660300 for more information.

2.      Permanent Student Record Card (PR Card)

A Permanent Student Record Card is a listing of a students entire academic record grades K-12, which includes courses taken, achievement records (excluding provincial exams), absences, schools attended and graduation status.

Current students and former students can obtain a PR card from the school that they are presently enrolled in or last attended until they reach the age of 22. Those older than 22 must complete a Records Request Form and submit this request to Central Storage.

3.     Official Letter

Current students and former students requiring an official letter indicating their attendance in a Burnaby School may complete an Official Letter Request Form and submit this request to Central Storage.

4.     Who can authorize the release of student records?

For those under the age of 19, a parent or legal guardian must provide authorization to release the Permanent student record information. To ensure the privacy and security of the student information this request must be accompanied by a copy of legal photographic ID such as a driver’s license or passport before the record will be released. If the request is for your child you must provide proof of ID for both yourself and your child. In addition, if a third party is designated to pick up the record on behalf of the student they must also provide a copy of their ID when they come to pick up the record at the Student Record’s office.

5.  3rd Party / Lawyer Requests

Lawyers or 3rd Parties requesting records on behalf of their clients must submit the following:

a. Consent for Release of Records
b. Proof of legal ID for client and parent/guardian

6. Fees & Delivery Service

Please note: Student records cannot be e-mailed or faxed due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The fees for student records are indicated on the appropriate request form. Processing your order takes approximately 5 to 10 business days and delivery time is additional.
If you need to visit the office for any reason please call 604-296-6915 Ext. 660300 and make an appointment.

7. Obtain PEN

If you attended a BC K-12 school since 1993, or wrote a provincial exam since 1986, you may obtain your PEN from:

  • The top right hand corner of your Official Ministry transcript.
  • Your current, most recent or graduating school.
  • The school where you wrote your most recent provincial exam.
  • Ministry of Education
  • If you attended a BC Public Post-Secondary Institution since 1998, you MAY have a PEN. To obtain your PEN contact that institution’s records department.
    • If you are past the age of 22 Central Storage can provide your PEN upon completion of a PEN Request Form. Please send completed forms to Central Storage or call 604-296-6915 Ext. 660300 for more information.

Students in BC K-12 schools or post-secondary institutions prior to these dates do not have Personal Education Numbers. The student will be assigned a Personal Education Number by their next school of attendance.

Central Storage Contact Information:

Schou Education Centre
4041 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC  V5G 1G6
Ph: 604-296-6915 Ext. 660300
FAX: 604-296-6916