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Student Finds Creative Way to Support Health Care Workers

A Burnaby North student is using his hobby and skills to support health care workers on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aaron Lu is mobilizing his 3D printer and making plastic parts that attach to masks worn by health care workers. The Grade 11 student participates in health and 3D groups online, and got the idea after seeing a post from a registered nurse about the need.

Aaron felt inspired to do his part:

I broke my wrist while electric longboarding a year ago, and health care staff were so friendly. It’s like me returning the favour to them in this time when they need help.”

He’s been creating a part called an “ear saver,” which helps with comfort and preventing ear rub. Over two days, Aaron has made 45.

“I’ve been tuning and tinkering to get the best mix between reliability and quantity.”

After reaching out through a connection at Burnaby Hospital, Aaron hopes he can provide them with an ongoing supply. Aaron was told it needs to go through some steps first, such as an inspection. If the hospital doesn’t need the parts, Aaron says he will give them to registered nurses who are already asking for them through a Facebook group.

“I think it’s amazing that people like me can use their hobbies to help the community.”

Aaron’s Technology Education teacher has been in touch with him. Nikita Morozov asked Aaron to share the instructions needed to 3D print the part: the STL file. Morozov is circulating it with other teachers.

I am sharing it amongst other Tech Ed teachers. That way they can have a live example in their classroom groups of how local students are helping to solve problems in such a time of need and inspire their students.”

Aaron has also been featured in the media for his efforts and hopes the publicity spreads the word and inspires others in the 3D maker community to join in and help.

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Posted April 1, 2020