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Sleep: What Students and Families Need to Know

Everyone knows what it feels like to try to get through the day if you haven’t had enough sleep. For students, that can mean having trouble learning because of difficulty concentrating, solving problems, or remembering. Sleep is a time for your brain to repair cells and build new pathways, which is critical for learning.

As part of our mental health strategy over the 2019-20 school year, teachers were provided information and tools to help teach students about:

  • the importance of sleep for health and learning
  • how to get enough sleep

Sleep, along with nutrition, stress management, exercise, and positive social connections, are all connected to positive mental health.

What’s the best sleep advice?

See our flyer:  Sleep, Five Things You Need to Know

What students say

During the 2017-18 school year, we surveyed Burnaby Schools’ students. They told us they wanted to know more about sleep, ranking it as their second highest priority on a list on mental health topics they wanted to learn more about. (Stress management was at the top, which we focused on in the 2018-19 school year.)

How partners are helping

Student well-being is a responsibility we share with families and partners. As parents or guardians, you can talk to your children and teens about the importance of sleep and making it a priority.

We’re also working with the Fraser Health Authority, to help give children the tools they need to support their own mental health. We’ve partnered with them in a number of schools where we supported families with how to help their children develop good sleep practices. Parents told us they made changes to their children’s sleep routines, and as a result, saw a difference in how rested their children were. Schools reported the students were more involved and engaged in their classes.

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Posted October 2019