SFU Swim Academy

In partnership with Simon Fraser University, this program offers swim training in a University environment.  Swim academy sessions consist of technical skill development complemented by endurance, speed, strength, and power training sessions.

The Swim Academy provides the opportunity for the following students to participate:

  • those students participating in competitions, triathlons or aquathons interested in increasing their swimming skill, speed, and endurance
  • those students interested in maintaining their training while participating in multiple sport options or who would like to build their skill and endurance levels

The SFU Swim Academy is an option for any district student in grades 8-12 with academic requirements met at their home school.  Students receive credit for PE and a sport specific course.

The program is based at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus, located on top of Burnaby Mountain.

Fee:  $255/mo for 10 months

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