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School Volunteer Receives Local Hero Award

The City of Burnaby has presented Rory Tennant with a Local Hero Award for his work in elementary schools.

Rory began volunteering in the District in1997 by reading with students in Grades 6 and 7 at Stride Avenue Community School once per week on his lunch break. When he retired, he increased his volunteer work.

He was nominated for the award jointly by two teachers he has worked closely with over the decades: Vasso Feretos from Stride and Lucia Rinaldo at Kitchener Elementary. In their nomination letter for his work at those schools and Aubrey Elementary, the teachers said he manifests the qualities of a hero.

Rory is a special volunteer and role-model both in our Burnaby schools and our community. He has touched countless young lives and inspired children to be their best. Rory has become part of our school families and has made valuable contributions throughout these 23 years. We highly recommend Rory for this prestigious award. He truly is a hero!”

In addition to volunteering in the classroom, reading with students and finding connections in their interests, Rory has been involved in the community aspects of school life that are especially present in the community school model.

He supported students in the breakfast program, the hot lunch program, and took part in community events such as multicultural dinners, community outreach dinners, and Sports Day. Rory believes in community and he invests in relationships with students and staff.”

Rory is one of the many examples throughout the District where volunteers, community connection and partnerships strengthen the experience for students and families. Congratulations to Rory and thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

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Posted November 2021