School Project Leads to Student Publishing a Book

You might think this ten-year-old holding a book is smiling because she likes the story. But it’s more than that. Kiana Sosa, Grade 4 student at Brentwood Park Elementary wrote it, and the recently published book is now available on Amazon.

Her teacher, Livia Chan:

Kiana is a phenomenal storyteller and writer. We had many opportunities to write a variety of stories in our class this year. Every time she wrote a new one, I always couldn’t wait to read hers in particular because she always had something in her story that would warm my heart.” 

Ms Chan originally submitted Kiana’s story to the District’s Words Writing Project, which publishes the best in student writing each year in a limited edition anthology. You’ll find Kiana’s successful submission here on page 16.

As the special annual ceremony honouring Words student authors at the Michael J Fox Theatre had to be cancelled this year due to COVID-19, Kiana’s Mom thought it would be a great idea to turn her child’s story into a physical book as a surprise, but then decided to include her in the process. Around the same time, Ms Chan introduced a “Passion Project” to encourage her students to explore what they love while learning at home. This further inspired Kiana, with her Mom’s help, to begin the process of getting her book published.

Ms Chan is also impressed with how Kiana has taken her experience to the next level.

I am really proud because she didn’t just publish a book, she now has her own website, her own Pinterest page with elephant art activities, a Twitter account, and is a part of a Facebook group of authors.”

After discovering Kiana through one of these platforms, two American teachers have reached out to her. One asked if students from her summer letter writing course could write to Kiana. And another wants to do the same with her students in the fall.

Her storybook has three main characters, each displaying different strengths and weaknesses, but in the end, it’s about kindness, cooperation, and friendship. It’s a story about overcoming challenges and teaches the reader to be persistent, take initiative, and pursue their dreams.

Congratulations Kiana! You’ve certainly taken your own messages to heart.

Visit Kiana’s website to learn more: www.kianasosa.com

Posted June 2020