Revised Policies: Notice of Motion

The Burnaby Board of Education, in consultation with senior staff, determine policies and regulations which govern the direct operations of the school district. They are reviewed and updated on a continual basis as they guide Board decision and administrative action.

The Board relies on senior management, school staff, parents, and the community to provide evaluations on the effectiveness of these policies and regulations. These evaluations are reviewed and recommendations for policy and regulation updates are made to the Board’s Policy Committee.

The Policy Committee approved the new draft Policy No. 4.50.00 Administrative Staff: Evaluation of Performance and changes to draft Policy No. 5.10.00 Violence and Intimidation at its meeting of February 19, 2018. These changes were approved by the Board at its meeting of February 26, 2018.

Please provide any comments you have on this draft policy by Friday, April 20, 2018 to

Policy 4.50.00 Administrative Staff- Evaluation of Performance

Policy 5.10.00 Violence and Intimidation