Registration Categories

The cross and out-of-district process for 2022/23 school year is now open.

Cross District Transfer:
Burnaby residents wanting to attend a school that is not the school designated for their attendance area must first register at their local attendance area school and then email a Cross District Transfer Application to their desired school. The current school’s principal is not required to sign the form.

Out-of-District Transfer:
Students living outside Burnaby wanting to attend a Burnaby school must e-mail an Out of District Transfer Application to their desired school.

For a list of school email addresses click here. 

Students whose parent’s primary residence is located within the school’s attendance area can register at any time if there is physical space in the school. All other students apply in February and on-time applications are processed by category order;

  1. SIBLINGS: Siblings of continuing students in the school, including those in or accepted to district programs, whose residence falls outside the school’s attendance area.
  2. LICENSED CHILDCARE: Students receiving before and/or after-school childcare at a licensed childcare facility within the school’s attendance area.
  3. GRADE 7 PEER REQUEST: Grade 7 students, who attended an elementary school in their attendance area, which straddles the attendance area of TWO secondary schools, will be given priority for grade 8 enrolment in one of those two secondary schools.
  4. CROSS-DISTRICT: Students not included in point 3 above, whose residence falls within the attendance areas of other Burnaby schools (cross-district transfers).
  5. OUT-OF-DISTRICT: Students whose residence falls outside the Burnaby School District (out-of-district transfers).