Our Values

Students Come First
Learners are at the centre of what we do. We focus on their lives within our schools, support them in their lives away from our schools, and keep in mind the lives they will lead in the future, recognizing that their time with us will be key in shaping their futures.


The Power of Diversity
Burnaby is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and we recognize this as a privilege and a strength. We meaningfully involve all learners and respect and value the infinitely variable characteristics that make them unique human beings.

Equity, Access, Inclusion
Our schools are for everyone. We recognize that barriers exist and seek to identify and remove them. We encourage our learners to speak honestly, and we uphold the rights of individuals, families and organizations within our schools and our community. We value and respect everyone’s contributions.

Collaboration and Partnership
We strive for trusting, respectful, collaborative relationships, and we work together to ensure we make the best decisions. The learning environment includes our learners, teachers, all staff, families and the community. We work with and encourage the participation of all.

Curiosity, Innovation, Discovery
The world we live in is complex and rapidly changing. We, our students, and the world itself are beneficiaries when questions are asked, experiments undertaken, ventures launched, and challenges embraced. Our classrooms and school communities foster curiosity, innovation, and discovery.

Excellence, Success, Improvement
We challenge ourselves and our learners to make their highest contributions, and we foster opportunities to make this possible. We celebrate success and recognize that there are many ways to define and achieve it. Working collaboratively, we challenge ourselves and our learners to improve, as individuals and as a group. Along with these ideals, we place an equal emphasis on health and well-being, as it is required to support all of our contributions and achievements.

Posted September 2019