Our Students Support Burnaby Seniors

Our schools have come up with a number of creative ways to support seniors, which has become even more important in these unusual times. Just a few examples can be seen below.

Many schools already had special relationships with nearby seniors’ centres before COVID-19 led to restricted visits. Before the pandemic changed how people can get together, some regularly invited local seniors over for the school’s community tea.

Lochdale Community School put together and sent seniors individualized envelopes, which included tea.

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Two Byrne Creek students, Juhi and Red, made 100 personalized cards – each by hand and with unique designs – as a heartfelt way of connecting with seniors at Normanna. See the cards in this video.

Building on their “Selfies for Seniors” project, their history of service in the community, and their school tradition of a “joke of the day,” Second Street students created the following “virtual visit” for residents at Normanna and George Derby.

Updated June 2020