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New Strategic Plan

The Burnaby School District has a new five-year strategic plan. It articulates where we’re headed and identifies our focus for the coming years. It also sets out the District’s mission, vision, values, and priorities.

Burnaby Board of Education Chair Gary Wong says the plan maintains a continued focus on excellence and innovation.

As trustees, we are proud of public education in Burnaby. We see the inspiration in our schools and the success of our students. As a district, we’re always challenging ourselves to be better.”

Much was considered by the Board during the plan’s creation, including the changes in the world around us, and how they contribute to the complexities and opportunities in education. Watch this short video to see why, as a district, we must look ahead to the future with a plan.

Superintendent Gina Niccoli-Moen says staff are connecting with the strategic plan and their own role in enacting its priorities.

It affirms what’s important to each and every one of us: student success, and helping each child along their own unique learning journey.”

The Board considered a great many voices when developing this plan. Wong says it will take many people and partners to bring it to life.

Without people and community, even the best of plans are just words on a page.”      

As a district, we’re excited about the future and what we can achieve together to help our students thrive.

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Posted September 2019