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New Childcare Spaces in Burnaby Schools

As we continue to support families by increasing access to childcare on District property, we are moving forward with the creation of 160 new spaces for families at five school sites.

The spaces are part of the three-step plan approved by the Burnaby Board of Education in October 2019 that was developed after extensive consultation. The plan, in its entirety, involves partnership and funding by the Provincial Government and the City of Burnaby.

Board Chair Jen Mezei:

We are grateful for our partnerships with the provincial government and the City of Burnaby, as well as those we have in the community that have enabled us to be a part of supporting local childcare. We recognize the importance of quality, inclusive childcare to families in our community, and we are proud that our district has been a leader for more than 35 years in enabling space in our schools and on our properties.”

The funding for the additional 160 spaces was announced by the Ministry of Children and Family Development in May.

Read the press release from the Government of BC – May 21, 2021

With management by the District, the Ministry is investing $4.74 million into the construction for buildings on site at these elementary schools:

  • Brentwood Park Childcare: 24 spaces
  • Kitchener Elementary Childcare: 34 spaces
  • Parkcrest Elementary Childcare: 34 spaces
  • Stoney Creek Community School Childcare: 34 spaces
  • Twelfth Avenue Elementary Childcare: 34 spaces

The childcare centre at Brentwood Park will house 24 before and after school spaces, while the other four centres will have 24 before and after school spaces plus 10 preschool spots – all of which will be run by a non-profit child-care provider selected by the District.

Completion of planning and construction for the space involving the additional 160 spaces funded this May is anticipated to take two years, with opening of the new spaces projected for January 2023.

Additionally, during the 2020-21 school year, the following spaces were enabled to open on school property:

  • 84 new before and after school care spaces
  • 24 new infant and toddler spaces
  • 100 new 3 to 5-year-old spaces

In the first two phases of the plan, 601 childcare spaces were created with $13.7 million from the Province of BC and $6.2 million from the City of Burnaby in the building of new child care centres at Marlborough, Cascade Heights, Rosser, Westridge and Suncrest elementary schools, Stride Avenue Community School, the new Burnaby North Secondary, and the Marian Education Center.

In its entirety, the plan approved by the Board proposed adding a total of 773 spaces on school property for before and afterschool and infant/toddler care — 378 of which are now available for families and/or have funding approval with planning underway.

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Posted June 3