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Lunar New Year and the Mandarin Language Arts Program

Students in many classrooms throughout the District are exploring Lunar New Year. At Forest Grove Elementary, home to the District’s Mandarin and Language Arts Program, it’s a school-wide celebration filled with learning opportunities. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 are learning about Chinese culture while celebrating the Year of the Ox in a variety of creative ways.

In previous years, parents and special guests were invited into the school for colourful performances from students in every classroom. Students sang and danced while wearing traditional costumes, some projecting ribbons into the air in tandem, while others tapped drums in unison. Each year, Kindergarten students in the school’s Mandarin Language Arts Program wrapped up the event with a traditional lion dance.

This year due to the pandemic, students in each classroom have found alternative ways to celebrate and learn about Lunar New Year within their learning groups. The usual vivid colours and wishes for good luck in the new year are evident in the beautiful art crafted by students and fun learning activities organized by teachers. Examples include writing Chinese characters, decorating a Ming vase, and creating colourful dragons for a puppet show.

Each class is preparing their own performance, involving skits, poetry or other ways to showcase their learnings. The performances will be videoed to share with families so that – even though it will be different – the community can still come together virtually to celebrate Lunar New Year.

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Posted February 2021