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Learning Through a Japanese Cultural Exchange

Students from Moscrop Secondary and Byrne Creek Community School had the trip of a lifetime when they traveled to Japan over Spring Break. The one-week, all expenses paid exchange is sponsored by the Japanese government as part of their Kakehashi or Bridge Project.

The students from both countries got to know one another initially through virtual visits. In January there was much joy, as they met in person for the first time here. The Burnaby students showed off key cultural, tourist, economic, and political sites in Metro Vancouver.

In preparation for their trip abroad, Byrne Creek students learned the Yew Yews Slumen or Killer Whale Song, created by Squamish Nation Elder Latash Nahanee. With permission, they performed it in Japan for more than 100 students as part of sharing culture. While there, the Japanese students taught their visitors about glass blowing and painting wind bells, as well as traditional Japanese cloth wrapping or Furoshiki.

Much more learning was had as students experienced several culturally significant sites, including a shrine on Enoshima Island, and the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Participation in the program is by invitation only, and the 28 Burnaby students and their schools were selected over every other high school in the country to participate in this unique program.

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Posted April 2023