LSS – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best advocate for my child?
I am concerned about my child’s learning. How can I support the school in understanding my child and addressing my concerns?
What is School Based Team?
What is the designation process and who is involved?
What is the difference between a diagnosis and a Ministry of Education designation?
My child has a Ministry of Education designation. How much supplementary funding does the District receive?
How does the District use the extra funds generated for children with special needs?
My child has difficulties learning, or has special needs; will he/she get EA time?
How are Educational Assistants assigned to children?
Why doesn’t my child get a full time EA?
Can my home consultant or therapist help write the IEP?
Can the Behavioural Consultant or Behavioural Interventionist from my home team do an observation of my child in his or her classroom?
Can the Behavioural Consultant on my home team train the Educational Assistant who works with my child?