Individual Education Plan

Role of the Parent in the IEP Process

The British Columbia Ministry of Education, the British Columbia Confederation Parent Advisory Councils and the Burnaby School District together recognize the vital role parents have in planning for the education of their children. It is expected that the parents will work in partnership with the school in planning, developing and implementing their child’s Individual Education Plan. “Parents of students with special needs know a great deal about their children that can be helpful to school personnel in planning educational programs for them …. Collaboration should be sought in a timely and supportive way, and the input of parents respected and acknowledged.”
(A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, section B9)


Parent’s Guide to Individual Education Planning
Supporting Meaningful Consultation with Parents
Speaking UP!
Partners in Planning: Preparing for Your Child’s IEP Meeting
Parents Guide to Individual Education Planning, available from the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

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