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Learning Inspired by Masks and Handwashing

With COVID-19, masks and handwashing have become a big part of our “new normal.” Since the start of school, there are many examples of teachers and students throughout the District finding creative inspiration and learning opportunities in these new fixtures of life.

At Morley, the school’s youngest students are taking the approach that everyone is a superhero – keeping others safe by washing their hands. The soap and sink double as the “Charging Station.” The idea is that over time your “charge” wears off, so you need to recharge by washing your hands again.

Personalizing masks is also a trend. At Burnaby Mountain Secondary, Grade 9 art students designed their own masks, finding inspiration in their cultural backgrounds, celebratory festivals, the values that they practice, and the heritage that makes them unique.

Grade 6/7s at Confederation Park Elementary made their masks unique with tie-dye. Meanwhile, Grade 8 Science students at Burnaby North investigated physical and chemical changes while tie-dying masks.

Several students have also sewn their own masks. The Access Program at Burnaby North applied their fine motor skills to create wearable art.

Elsewhere, a Grade 5/6 class at Westridge Elementary had fun in ADST (Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies) while practicing sewing on scraps of fabric before ultimately creating their own masks with their initials.

Masks and hand washing have also served as inspiration for art and writing assignments, such as these by Grade 2 students at Marlborough Elementary and Grade 5 students at Gilmore Community School. The Grade 5s created art about who they are behind their masks.

With the support of their teachers and other school staff, students are finding ways to help process living in a pandemic, including through projects and assignments such as those above.


Posted November 2020