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It’s a Pattern: Moscrop Math Team Making their Mark

Moscrop Secondary math students are in a rhythm that is a “sine” of things to come. Team Moscrop is currently in second place in all of Canada after four of six separate contests in the National Mathematics League—just one point behind the first place team. Moscrop teams also came first in BC in both the Intermediate and Senior Competitions. And wrapping up the month of February, the Grade 8, 9, and 10 teams all came in first place at the Lower Mainland Math Challengers Competitions.

Hundreds of Burnaby Schools elementary and secondary students enter math contests throughout the school year. Students who excel in math are encouraged to participate. Moscrop has a “math team” that meets frequently during the week at lunch and has had some excitingly consistent results.

“We are always amongst the top in Canada, and have been for years,” said Moscrop’s Principal Paul Fester, who was himself a math teacher. “The thing that amazes me about that is the culture of learning that the teachers have created. Math is cool at Moscrop. The kids have embraced a love of math that transcends any one group of kids. It is now a part of our school culture, so that even when our talented students graduate another group takes their place and does equally well.”

“Math club is a community at Moscrop,” said student Rishi Saran. “When I was in Grade 8, the older students mentored us. Now that I am in Grade 12, I am helping the Grade 8’s and I’ve made some great connections with them.” Rishi Saran also believes the hard work is worth it. “I realized how rewarding the contest questions are. Sometimes it takes a few days or even a few weeks to solve, but it is super rewarding once you solve it!”

Testing a student’s ability can have additional worthwhile outcomes, beyond the experience of the challenge, itself. Universities, colleges, and employers tell us they’re looking for a new type of graduate—one with strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Math supports those skills, and math contests showcase the results.

In addition to the overall team placement, these Moscrop math marvels had high individual marks in two separate provincial contests held by the University of Waterloo:

Anna L.
Anna R.
Andrew C.
Andy C.
Ethan Z.
Jason C.
Jeffrey F.
Jerry Z.
Jieyi Z.
Josh Z.
Justin Y.
Lily Z.
Milica M.
Minhao Z.
Nattaphot V.
Rishi Saran V.
Samuel W.
Tania P.
Wendy F.
Winnie W.
Yi Fan L.
Yuhang Z.
Zijia L.

Congratulations to the secondary students from other Burnaby Schools who have also earned top marks in these contests:

Bradley L., Burnaby Central
Brandon K., Burnaby South
Boya Y., Burnaby South
Eric Z., Burnaby Mountain
Ethan Z., Burnaby South
Hanyu X., Burnaby South
Harry J., Alpha
Jacob M., Burnaby South
Jamie M., Burnaby South
Jimmy Y., Burnaby South
Jordan C., Burnaby South
Linda L., Burnaby South
Olivia H., Burnaby South
Shea J., Burnaby South
Wentao Z., Burnaby Central