Continuity of Learning-Indigenous Education

Welcome parents, educators and students. Over the coming weeks, we hope you will find this website a useful resource in your learning. Indigenous Education in Burnaby Schools will update this page periodically with teachings and lessons that students, parents and educators can access to continue the learning around Indigenous Education while we are physically distant from one another. As a starting point, Elder Latash Nahanee from the Squamish Nation has provided us with some thoughts as we embark on this journey together.

A welcome from Elder Latash Nahanee, Squamish Nation

“When you fall on the thorns of life you bleed,” wrote English poet P. B. Shelly in Ode to the West Wind.  Like so many others around the world the Squamish people survived the ice age, great flood and epidemics.  We did this through Chen Chen Stway – supporting each other and lifting each other up. We shall get through this pandemic together.  Let’s support each other.  We shall get through this and enjoy the spring together.”



Learning Lessons

Continuing Learning Lesson 1 – How to say hello

Continuing Learning Lesson 2 – Kindergarten Count to Ten

Continuing Learning 3 – My Heart Fills With Happiness

Continuing Learning Lesson 4-Literacy-Secret of the Dance

Continuing Learning Lesson 5-Literacy-Girl and the Wolf

Continuing Learning 6 – Mountain of SGaana

Continuing Learning Lesson 7 – Numeracy

Continuing Learning Lesson 8- First session Pow Wow

Continuing Learning Lesson 9-Science-Introduction to The Coast Salish Seasonal Round

Continuing Learning Lesson 10 – I spy (colours)

Continuing Learning Lesson 11 Part 1 – YOU HOLD ME UP

Continuing Learning Lesson 11 Part 2 – YOU HOLD ME UP

Continuing Learning Lesson 12- Red and Sgaana Comparison

Learning Lessons 13-Social Studies and Literacy-Helping Our Families

Continuing Learning Lesson 14-How to say I love you

Continuing Learning Lesson 15-patterns

Learning Lessons 16-evens and odds

Continuing Lesson 17A- Kitsikakomimm2

Continuing Learning Lesson 17B-Kitsikakomimm

Continuing Learning Lesson 18-Sounds of alphabets

Learning Lesson 19-Art-An Introduction to contemporary Coast Salish Art (1)

Learning Lesson 20 -(1) Shi-shi-etko

Learning Lesson 20 (2) Shi-shi-etko sample

Learning Lesson 20 (3) Shi-shi-etko quotes

Learning Lesson 20 (4) Shi-shi-etko leaf worksheet

Learning Lesson 21-Using Sit Spots to connect to place

Continuing Learning Lesson 22 -Animals Around Us

Learning Lesson 23A June 21 Local Music Artist

Learning Lesson 23B June21 Did you know Facts activity

Learning Lesson 23C June21Coast Salish Artist activity

Learning Lesson 24 All About We2