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Indigenous Carvings Unveiled at End of the School Year

Three Indigenous legacy art projects were revealed in June at our elementary schools. Indigenous artists worked with students – at Edmonds, Sperling, and Stoney Creek – to create stunning large-scale carvings. The schools initiated the projects as a way to celebrate and honour Indigenous culture within their communities.

Edmonds Community School 

A Welcome Pole at Edmonds Community School is the creation of students and Coast Salish carver Muksamma Jackie Timothy. It will be displayed outdoors for the entire community to enjoy. It will serve as a welcome to students, staff, and visitors as they approach the entrance to the community school.

Sperling Elementary

Students, staff and parents at Sperling Elementary worked with artist-in-residence Winadzi Simon Daniel James for almost three months on a pyramid-shaped Story Board that is four feet wide and eight feet tall. He guided them through the carving of four panels, each telling the story of the four time periods through the eyes of Indigenous peoples: pre-contact, contact, recent history, and the future.

Stoney Creek Community School

The carving and painting of a beautiful House Panel at Stoney Creek Community School was guided by Squamish Nation artist Aaron Nelson-Moody. Students and staff were not only involved in the hands-on creation, everyone was asked for ideas in the planning stage.

All of our Indigenous legacy art projects inspire our school communities and help to build understanding and awareness of Indigenous culture, in support of meaningful reconciliation.

Posted June 2019