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How a Student Kindness Campaign Touched a Family

At Buckingham Elementary School, students learned first-hand about the significance of demonstrating empathy and kindness to others. The class sent hand-made cards and letters to show residents at a Burnaby care home that someone is thinking about them during these challenging times.

Several months later, the school received a touching letter in return. The adult daughter of one of the residents wrote to the principal, teachers and students, sharing that her mother had recently passed away.

The letter read, in part:

When I picked up [my mother’s] personal belongings I found… a handwritten and beautifully decorated card, signed ‘Love Buckingham Student.’ I can’t tell you how much this meant to me and my family…to find out that these beautiful children were…reaching out… brought tears to my eyes. Please let the students know that they are making a difference. This card brought joy to my mother, and our family is very grateful for that.”

The class wrote back, showing their love to the grieving family through hand-crafted condolence cards.

Posted April 2021