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Honouring the Planet

Throughout the District, students are making powerful connections to the environment on
Earth Day and beyond.

Earth Day

Several classes took time on Earth Day to consider their own impact on the environment. Over at Brentwood Elementary Grade 2/3 students shared ideas on how each of us can help take care of the planet. Primary students at Lochdale Community School and Marlborough Elementary expressed their love of Mother Earth on Earth Day through art. “We promise to take care of the earth,” said the message (above) from a Grade 2 French Immersion class at École Brantford Elementary.

The school community at Buckingham Elementary showed off their earth-friendly modes of transportation, cycling to school for Earth Day. At Twelfth Avenue Elementary, students focused on keeping the planet beautiful by cleaning up garbage. As did the Burnaby Mountain Secondary Earthwise Club, whose members picked up more than five kilograms of trash. And a Grade 4/5 class at Stoney Creek Community School used tongs to clean up the area by the creek.

Beyond Earth Day

Also at Stoney Creek Community School earlier in the month, a Grade 3/4 class took action. They wrote letters to their local Member of Parliament asking to support preservation of the creek and salmon that spawn there.

A student-created Guidebook to Marlborough’s Courtyard Trees is now available in the school library. It was produced by a group of Grade 4 & 5 students during last year’s Summer Session at Marlborough Elementary. Students in the Nature Explorers course researched and documented the trees while learning about their connection to place. They discovered that the Anishinaabe First Nation describe the trees as the “standing people” recognizing them as both their relatives and their teachers.

At Burnaby Central Secondary, students and staff were invited to create art for an installation designed to reflect our relationship with the environment. Called “This is Us,” the exhibition went up at the beginning of the month and included original photographs, illustrations, and even musical compositions. Collectively, the display showed the kinship we have with the living world.

Read the District’s Sustainability Strategic Plan here.

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Posted April 2022