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Helping Where We Can: Supporting Families

Schools are at the heart of our community and have a much larger function than their core responsibility of providing education. The Burnaby School District recognizes the significance of this wider important role, particularly in these challenging times that have brought so much change and uncertainty to all of our lives.

Learn about what the District, our schools, and students are doing to support hungry children

Learn about what the District is doing to support students who need it with technology

In addition to the global uncertainty, we recognize that families may face additional pressures and challenges during these difficult times. From worries about the economy, to food insecurity, to no longer having access to community resources and services that were once relied upon, please know that we are working with our community partners and agencies to assist in any way we can.”

~ Superintendent Gina Niccoli-Moen in her April 9 letter to families

The Burnaby School District and our school staff are also working hard, in partnership with our child care providers, to support children in Grades Kindergarten – 6 whose parents are essential service workers. Learn more

Posted April 17, 2020