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Grade 7 Public Speaking Challenge

The Grade 7 Public Speaking Challenge began in 1983 to provide elementary students the opportunity to develop their confidence and pursue excellence in public speaking. Each year, every Burnaby Schools grade 7 student is required to write and deliver a 3-5 minute speech on a common theme. This year, students came up with a gamut of approaches to the topic of “Heroism” ranging from thoughts on John Lennon’s contribution to the ideology of peace, Elon Musk’s tireless efforts to invent the future, to everyday people who put others first before themselves.

Two students from each of Burnaby’s 41 elementary schools were chosen to attend their zone’s semi-final. Then the top two students from each semi-final advanced to the District Final, held in the Centre for Dialogue at Byrne Creek Community School. The top three orators of the 2018 Grade 7 Public Speaking Challenge were determined by a panel of esteemed judges. Congratulations Lily, Bilqees and Joel!

We would like to acknowledge each grade 7 student who presented in their classroom, in front of their school peers, and at their zone final. You make us proud!