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Global Climate Strike

Part of a world-wide student-led movement, the Global Climate Strike (September 20-27) is a series of international strikes and protests to demand action to address climate change.

The Burnaby School District is proud of the fact that young people are taking a leadership role on this pressing global issue. We’re supportive of students’ efforts to build awareness about climate change and to be involved in their communities.

While we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and student voice, these days during the Global Climate Strike will remain regular instructional days (with the exception of schools that have an existing Professional Development Day).

We will support teachers who wish to take students on a curricular-related field trip. Standard protocols for field trips will be followed.

Should an individual student wish to attend a climate protest, they are encouraged to get permission from their parents and we ask – as they normally would – that they notify the school of their absence. Students will have an opportunity to make up any work that they miss.

Climate change and environmental issues are embedded in the curriculum, and will be a topic of conversation in classrooms and during school activities throughout Burnaby Schools.

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Posted September 2019