Any rental requests in the District (classrooms, gyms, meeting spaces, etc) must be booked by contacting the appropriate rental contact. This is never done directly at school level where the focus is on students. Please do not contact the schools directly regarding rentals.

Please note

Burnaby Schools are not open for rentals during any break periods such as Spring Break, Summer Break, Winter Break, Professional Development days or Statutory holidays. For further information on when school breaks are occurring please see the school calendar.

Rental Contacts
Michael J Fox

Please contact Maria Longridge 

Board Office

Please contact the board office

Community Schools

See Community Schools for more information
Please contact the appropriate Community School Coordinator

SchoolCSCPhone #
EdmondsJohn Nanson604.833.4190
GilmoreMischa Greenwood604.831.9250
LochdaleShahzyah Juma604.760.4759
MaywoodMarie Stevens604.916.1107
Second StreetGayle Beavil604.836.3290
Stoney CreekTaryn Briscoe604.837.6850
Stride AvenueSandhya Krishna604.838.6280
Outdoor Fields

Please contact the City of Burnaby Parks Allotment Office

District Library Resource Centre

Please contact the DLRC (604)-296-6934

All Other Locations

Please continue to the rental information below.

Rental Process


This process is only applicable to school based bookings and district programming. If you would like to use the school for a personal or non-school based event, please follow the public rental process.

1.  Please check your dates on our availability calendar before submitting a request.

2.  Submit your request on a rental application form and send to Facility Rentals at least 10 business days prior to the event start date. This ensures that we have all pertinent information on file for insurance and logistical purposes, and to generate an accurate booking invoice.

3.  After the application is received, Facility Rentals will work with the school principal to confirm availability and obtain approval. We will also confirm that any special requests can be accommodated, such as table & chair setup or AV requirements.

4.  Once the request is approved, a booking confirmation & invoice will be generated and sent to the requestor as well as all applicable school groups to inform them of the booking. Payment must be remitted 7 business days in advance of the first date on the booking.



Fees and Payment


School based rentals generally have no room rental fees and do not require insurance. Custodial service is included for most bookings on school days until 10pm.

If you are renting on the weekend, a statutory holiday, or a Professional Development day, custodial charges will apply. Custodial charges will also apply if your booking uses several spaces, has a large number of participants, or requires a large amount of time for setup or tear down.

Custodial fees are charged on an hourly basis and the minimum callout is 4 hours. Please see the schedule of fees below:


Rental DateHourly RateGSTTotal Cost
Basic bookings Monday to Friday until 10pmincluded
GL Code – Extra/Weekend/Break Periods$30.43N/A$30.43
GL Code – Statutory Holidays$60.86N/A$60.86
No GL Code – Extra/Weekend/Break Periods$43.895%$46.09
No GL Code – Statutory Holidays$87.795%$92.18

If you have any further questions about the procedure please contact Facility Rentals.