Frequently Asked Questions

The availability calendar said space was free, why am I being told it's not?

The availability calendar is there to get a general idea of what could be available. The schools keep their own calendars, also the principals have the right to refuse a rental if they so choose. There are many other factors that contribute to whether we can proceed with the rental date or not. Once you submit your form for approval we go through those final steps to confirm availability for you.

Can you let me know what is definitely available before I fill in the application?

Unfortunately, no. We do need the information in the form in order to send the request to the schools. The schools need the information to see if they have a space that works for you. All of the availability checking and approval is done by contacting the school so there is no quick way to confirm, for example, which gyms are free for your requested day.

How long is the wait after application?

We make the effort to respond to a request within 7 business days. However as we do need to contact the schools regarding availability it may take longer.

Can I visit the school to see the facilities?

Please contact Facility Rentals to check availability first. Then we can coordinate an appropriate time with the school(s)to view the space.

What equipment is provided with the rental?

Furniture such as desks, tables and chairs are included if requested.

PE/athletic equipment such as score clocks, volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc are not included in the rental. You are expected to bring your own. Some schools may approve the use of specific equipment such as volleyball nets and posts with approval.

User groups are required to provide set-up instructions 7 days prior to the event. Instructions provided after this may not be accommodated and user groups will be responsible for the space set-up.

Can I rent the school for a social event?

Unfortunately, no. We do not allow rentals for social events such as weddings, birthday parties and dances.

How do I get into the building?

A district representative will unlock the facility for you, and lock it once you are done.

Can I serve alcohol?

Serving of any alcoholic beverages is not permitted on school properties without written approval of the Secretary Treasurer. An approval letter must be applied for in writing to the Secretary Treasurer, c/o School District #41 (Burnaby), 5325 Kincaid Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 1W2. For more information please contact Sandra Brunner – (604)-296-6900 ext. 661-004.

What happens if it snows?

School closure information will be posted on the district website. You can also view our winter weather procedures for a listing of radio stations that will provide updates.