Fees and Payment

Facility Rental Fees

We charge facility rental fees on an hourly basis and are pleased to offer a discount for any non-profit societies or charitable organizations that provide proper accreditation.


FacilityHourly RateGSTTotal Cost
Gym (Small)$91.065%$95.61
Gym (Large)$167.405%$175.77


FacilityHourly RateGSTTotal Cost
Gym (small)$73.555%$77.23
Gym (large)$117.445%$123.31

Custodial Fees  Please note that while weekday bookings generally include custodial service, this may vary according to user group activities, the type of facilities required, number of participants, and whether extra custodial time is needed for setups and teardowns. Custodial fees are charged by the hour and the minimum callout is 4 hours.


Rental DateHourly RateGSTTotal Cost
Monday to FridayNot applicable
Weekend/Break Periods$42.615%$44.74
Statutory Holidays$85.245%$89.50

Enhanced Cleaning Fees  Fees for enhanced cleaning and cost of supplies are applicable to all bookings, 7 days a week.


FeeRateGSTTotal Cost
Minimum fee (up to 4 rooms)$26.50/instance5%$27.83
Each additional room$5.50/instance5%$5.78

Parking Lot Fees Parking lot usage is charged on a daily basis and is only applicable to standard passenger vehicles. In some instances, there may be a fee incurred to open the gate at the start of the day and to close the gate at the end of the day.


Rental DateRateGSTTotal Cost
Parking Lot$119.27/day5%$125.24/day
Open/Close Gate$41.73/instance5%$43.81/instance

Filming Fees

Filming TypeRateGSTTotal Cost
Shoot Days$2,618.20/day5%$2,749.11/day
Prep Days$1,396.37/day5%$1,466.19/day
Wrap Days$1,396.37/day5%$1,466.19/day
Open/close gates$41.73/instance5%$43.81/instance

Please note that custodians must be onsite at all times (rates listed above under ‘Custodial Fees’) and there must be insurance coverage of $5,000,000 liability insurance with the Board of Education named as insured. Payment: Please make cheques payable to School District 41 (Burnaby) and write the invoice number on your cheque. You may drop off payment or mail (ATTN: Accounts Receivable), to our District Office at 4054 Norfolk Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 0C3. For invoice related inquiries, please email Accounts Receivable.