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Indigenous Students’ Drum Circle

The Burnaby School District’s Indigenous Education Program provides culturally relevant programming and services to students of Indigenous ancestry. An example of one of the opportunities for students is the “Drum Circle” group involving Moscrop and Burnaby Central high schools.

The drum was created by students at Burnaby Central. The drummers have since harnessed the power of the drum, having garnered quite a following within Burnaby Schools. The Drum Circle has performed at a variety of district and school-based events. Led by Knowledge Keeper John Sam, the Drum Circle meets regularly at Burnaby Central and Moscrop, empowering each student through a connection with cultural teachings.

“You can really feel the power,” says Grade 11 student Jaden Narcisse. “It’s all your ancestors, all the people you love are with you and can just really feel it in your heart.”
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