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Kindergarteners’ Kindness Project Garners National Attention

Suzana Barisic’s Kindergarten class has garnered national attention for their kindness project. It all started with a little jar filled with pompoms and a love for books written by their favourite author, Robert Munsch. The Globe and Mail published the story early in September after the Chaffey-Burke Elementary class received a letter and a big surprise from the famous author.  Read the Globe And Mail story.

Whenever Ms Barisic catches one of her students doing something kind, she has them place a little pompom in “the kindness jar.” When the jar is full, the students brainstorm to come up with a collective act of kindness they can do together as a class. Students decided to send a heart message in the form of a class photo to their favourite author. Their note with it read: “Dear Robert Munsch. We like your stories so much because you make it silly and you make us laugh. We love your smile and we love you so much! Have a nice weekend!”

To the students’ and teacher’s great surprise, Robert Munsch not only wrote back, he sent a personalized story about their class! The very funny story included the names of the children and the principal. The students have learned that being kind makes everyone feel good and sometimes it makes you giggle.