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Celebrating the Strengths in our Differences and Working to Dismantle Racism

As part of our ongoing learning journey and work to create a better path forward together, we’re taking steps toward a more inclusive environment for all.

Celebrating Culture and the Strengths in Our Differences

Learning about one another’s cultures, experiences, and perspectives supports students with building deeper connections to the world around them. Schools are continuing to honour diversity in a variety of ways. What follows are just some recent examples.

A Grade 7 student at Aubrey Elementary and her family shared their special family Laddoo recipe as the class learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Students at Taylor Park Elementary enjoyed Motown Music and exploring its history. Krystle Dos Santos, an award-winning soul, jazz and R&B singer with Guyanese roots, performed with sponsorship from Art Starts.

Elementary students from across the District came together for the annual Young People’s Concert Series. In one of the performances, students listened to Marimba music from Zimbabwe, fused with West African and Afro-Cuban sounds.

Grade 3 and 4 students at Buckingham came up with ideas for a new Canadian stamp. Many were inspired by Indigenous art. In another class at the school, Grade 6/7s are learning how to weave quarter bags in the traditional Musqueam style.

Working to Dismantle Racism

Actor and musician Sam Darkoh spoke to students at Burnaby Mountain Secondary about student human rights, alongside District Principal Beth Applewhite. Darkoh shared his own lived experience in high school. The presenters discussed the impact of hurtful and racist language in schools. Youth learned about the importance of supporting one another, as well as knowing their rights and responsibilities.

The Burnaby School District participated in and led the organization of the BC K-12 Anti-Racism Educator Network Summit at the end of October. The Ministry of Education and Child Care funded the event. It was an opportunity for the 15 participating districts to come together as a network to move anti-racism work forward.

Keynote speakers, who are world-renowned leaders in anti-racism work, shared their knowledge and guidance. Students, district leaders, administrators, teachers and staff attending from across the province also had the chance to participate in equity labs that focused on student voice, resources, mental health, racist incidents, as well as training and facilitation.


Posted December 2023